Colorado: Exploring Silverton


Once as a child I rode the train from Durango to Silverton with my grandparents and sister. I have been there one other time after a pack trip with my dad and sister while still in high school – we rode horses and mules over the continental divide. Both of those times the town was bustling with people. But this last visit with Keltin was after labor day and after the train had already started it’s return journey to Durango. The town was fairly quiet and I loved it. We didn’t have to fight the crowds and were able to actually talk to some of the shop owners.

Since we visited two breweries in Ouray earlier that day we skipped that activity in Silverton and opted instead to find a place where we could get a banana split. We make a point to get one each trip. This one was good but not quite as extravagant as the one from Fredericksburg.

My favorite shops and the one that we spent the most time in is a shop called Weathertop Wovens. Keltin actually saw this shop first and wanted to go in. The owner and his wife buy local cotton and weave it in the shop into cloth before sewing it into various garments and afghans. The owner was actually working on weaving a bolt of columbine purple cloth when Keltin and I visited and he gave us a crash course on the history and vocabulary of weaving. It was all fascinating.

This shop doesn’t have a website but they are happy to take calls and orders over the phone.
I bought a scarf a couple of weeks after visiting out of the purple cloth I’d watched him weave.

We didn’t stay in Silverton too long, it started raining on us and we decided it was best to leave so that we didn’t get back to Pagosa Springs too late. Have you visited Silverton? If so, what do you think of this small town? Safe travels!


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