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After a visit to the state capitol and much needed lunch Keltin and decided that we liked Congress Ave. Walking down it a bit we came across South Congress Books. Neither of us can pass up a used books store and wondering in was instinctual.

The shop is small and was quite crowded. Each section was noted by wooden signs hanging before each inlet. In addition to used books there were some records, posters, and other prints.

I didn’t find any of the books on my reading list but Keltin did. He walked out with a copy of Les Misérables. I love to read but he is better about reading classics than I am. Next time I’m in Austin, I’ll revisit this book store. Do you have a favorite used book store? Happy reading.

I thought it was cool; cramped and tiny like a good used book store should be.”

– Keltin

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  1. This place looks so amazing. Unfortunately, where I live there isn’t a bookstore as good as this one so I mostly order online. But this looks like an amazing place.

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