Study Abroad: Boboli Garden: Summer 2012


One of my favorite place that I visited while in Florence was the Boboli Gardens. If you visit Florence I defiantly suggest a visit. Bargello and Boboli were museums that we did not buy our tickets days in advance. The architecture surouding and in the garden its self is wonderful and unique.

Pitti Palace
Grotto by Buontalenti On the left the door to Vasari Corridor

The Boboli Gardens are situated behind the Pitti Palace and stretch as far as the Porta Romana. This Italian style garden is massive. I’m pretty sure we were a little turned around but we didn’t care. Boboli is a place for a stroll to escape the city. Beautiful and green with tree lined paths, ornamental hedges, and a few fountains.

Near the back of the gardens there is a small but beautiful building that contains a  small ceramics collections museum. Beautiful and delicate works of art, full of detail just waiting to be noticed.

My favorite part of the garden was the view from the back terrace. Just a sweeping overlook of the red-roofed city that sparkled with the green-gray of olive tree leaves. It was quiet. The friend that visited with me and I just sat there on the wall taking in the fantastic view.

Another fun thing about the gardens is the statues. I don’t know if they are all real or replicas but they are fun. There is one of a fat man riding and turtle and another of a Pegasus with wings spread wide.

The Dwarf Morgante by Valerio Cigoli
Pegasus by Aristodemo Costoli – 1865

If you have the good fortune to get to visit Florence, give the Boboli Gardens a visit. Their beauty is worth the walk. Safe Travels!


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