New Mexico: Sandia Crest


One of the neat things to do in Albuquerque is to take the tram up to Sandia Crest. Since we were in Albuquerque during the balloon fiesta the traffic at the tram was worse than usual. We got to the gate at 10am and were told that the wait time for the tram was an hour and a half. Thus we decided to drive up to the crest instead. 

I am glad that we decided to drive because it was beautiful. The trees were changing color, well the aspens were. Gray bark and golden-yellow leaves bright against a forest of dark green fir trees. 

Overlook on the way to the top after a short walk (about 1/4 mile).

Sign at the trail head to the view above. There were restrooms at this stop.

Upon reaching the top it cost $2 to park, if I remember correctly. From the parking lot check out the Sandia Crest House and explore the trails. The weather at the top of the Sandia Mountains is 20℉ colder at the top than at the base and wind. Be sure to bring a jacket. 

Hiking trail on Sandia Crest

We didn’t hike for too long because it was 37℉ and we were cold but we did hike along the ridge a bit because the view is worth it. If you get the chance make to visit Sandia Crest either by car or tram. It is a wonderful day with fantastic views. 

View from the top.

If you don’t have the chance to do this hike yourself make sure to check out my video: 

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