Weekend Wanderings: Fort Worth Zoo Run


It is currently 34 degrees Fahrenheit in Fort Worth, Texas on April 7th, 2018 and my boyfriend, Keltin, and I just ran a 5k along with 1190 other people. This was the 21st annual Fort Worth Zoo Run. The Zoo Run supports the Fort Worth Zoo and wildlife conservation.img_1313img_1312

It has been a few years since I ran a 5k but recently both Keltin and I competed in weightless challenges and they pushed us to get into shape beyond just the competition. Being able to run a 5k is a good first goal when getting into shape and this one supports a good cause.

These types of runs are fun because you don’t always have to be serious. There was one runner in a full giraffe onesie and there were a couple of people with giraffe hats, I even saw a flamingo hat. A ton of runners were in tutus and large number had goofy ear headbands on. There was even a grown man with Minnie Mouse ears, bow and all.

I finished in 25.36 and Keltin finished in 29.03. We were both happy where we ended up and will let this push us on to the next 5k race. Happy Saturday everyone, stay warm out there! If you enjoy my blog please consider buying me a cup of coffee.

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