Terrain Race Start

Weekend Wanderings: Terrain Race

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I know typically I post about my weekends on the weekends but I was way to tired to post on Saturday or Sunday. If you remember earlier this year we did the Zoo Run, well this weekend was another race. 

Terrain Race Post Race Woman
I competed the race!

Keltin and I were up early Saturday morning to head to the Terrain Race. Instructions said to be there an hour early, we were there two. This race was not one that we were properly prepared for. We had been running quite often and we were gold there but the obstacles we had lacked on practicing. 

Terrain Race Post Race Man
Keltin was covered in as much mud as I was.

I need to get better on the monkey bars and need to figure out how to gain brute strength so that I can pull and flip tractor tires. The great thing about this race is that in the untimed heats team work was encouraged. Which is awesome because I could not move those above mentioned tires on my own. Keltin is a fantastic teammate. 

Terrain Race Finish Line
Terrain Race Finish Line – Balance Beam – Rope Net – Fireman’s Pole

My poor shoes are still covered in mud due to use wading through a shallow river and what felt like all the mud in North Texas. It was worth it though. The run was a ton of fun and a good way to figure out what muscles I don’t typically use to that extent. 

Mud run
We finished together, we are a team.

If you enjoy 5ks and fun runs and want more of a challenge then I highly suggest doing a Terrain Race or something similar like a Spartan Run. Have a great Monday!  

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