China: Chongqing and the Yangtze: March 2016

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Sorry for the delay in posting. Life gets in the way of writing sometimes but I back at it. On our last morning in Xi’an I and two of the friends I’d made in China, that were in the tour group with us, took a walk towards to remnants of the wall that had once surrounded all of Xi’an. The wall is actually in good condition and was decorated for a festival a night or so before. It was a beautiful morning for a walk. We stopped in a local shop to try snacks that they don’t sell at home. Exploring away from the tour group is always fun especially when you find like minded people that want to explore too.

We couldn’t stay long at the wall, we had a plane to catch soon. After brief exploration we caught a bus back to the hotel. I have no idea how we figured out which was the correct one. I think the concierge at the hotel told us.

Leaving Xi’an and the Terracotta Army behind we flew to Chongqing. Upon reaching the city we were immediately bused to the port. There was still a ton of traffic but I don’t remember things as being quite as bad as Beijing and Xi’an. At the port was something that became a staple sight: locals trying to sell to the foreign tourists before they board the river boat. This one time I did buy something. With the guide to help in translation I bought lychee. They are an odd fruit. Pink spiky balls that contain a translucent milky white meat and a single dark seed. I didn’t love them but I am glad that I tried them.

We didn’t leave port until after dark. Of all the cities in China that I saw a night Chongqing was probably the most beautiful. My favorite view was of a building surrounded by color changing lights. No idea what is was for but it went through every color of the spectrum.

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