Thank You Followers!


I’ve reached over 200 followers on McGee’s Travel Tales! I want to say thank you to everyone and I hope that you are enjoying all of my posts, stores and recipes. If you are a recent follower here are the categories that I post to:

  • Travel Tales – Travel stores and adventures
  • Weekend Wanderings – Hometown adventures or creative projects
  • Paperback Perils – Book reviews, to read lists, and mythical creature exploration
  • Foodie Friday – Recipes and other food related adventures
  • Fiction & Poetry – The newest section where I put my creative work out into the universe and hope that people enjoy it.

**Linked to each section is my favorite post from each.

Also if you are a movie fan check out my boyfriend’s movie review blog: 89 and Counting!

Again, thank you followers. Here is to the next 200! Have a great week.

Also, if you enjoy my blog please consider buying me a cup of coffee.

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