Colorado: Brewery Adventures: August 2017


While in Colorado we visited a couple mountain cities and in many of them we visited a local brewery.

Steamboat Springs: Storm Peak Brewing Company

Storm Peak was the first brewery we visited.  Their tap room was neat, one big open room full of picnic tables and high bar tables. When open they push up garage doors and the room is open to the elements. Of course they may not do this when the weather is unfavorable or freezing but in late summer it is perfect. When you walk in the door the bar is to your left in a big horseshoe shape.

We had ridden the gondola up to the mountain that morning and hiked at the top. After that exertion a beer went down smooth. I don’t remember what I drank but it was a lighter than my normal go to but still excellent.

Breckenridge: Breckenridge Brewery

The day we went to Breckenridge was interesting. We had stopped to take pictures at a lake with a giant dam before we had gotten there. The day was beautiful and bright with just a few wispy clouds. Our first priority upon reaching Breckenridge was lunch. We found a Mexican food restaurant and I began to truly understand how much the people of Colorado love their green chilis. From there we went on to the brewery.

I tried their Seasonal Getting Crafty first; the ABV was about 10% if my memory serves me correctly. This brew had a citrus flavor but with more tartness than most. Great flavor and definitely something I’d try again. Keltin tried the Oatmeal Stout, with nice coffee and chocolate flavors. I also had to try their Avalanche Amber Ale. If I lived in the area, this would probably be my go to beer. Dark but not too strong. This is definitely a brewery worth checking out.  

Granby: Never Summer Brewing Co.

Keltin and I were staying in Granby for this vacation and there is really only one main road through the town but despite this it took us half the week to notice that we had been driving past a small brewery. I loved this little tap room. Half of the room has books and supplies for brewing beer for purchase and the other half has a couple small tables with a couch against one wall. The bar is wooden and at the back left hand corner of the room. It is just long enough for four bar stools. All the available beers were up on a big chalkboard against the left wall. I tried the Double Belgian and Keltin got the Green Chili beer.

The bartender is also the brew-master and he chatted a bit with us and more with the locals that filled up his tables. He told us that Green Chilis had been spicier but it didn’t bother us, the flavor was still fantastic. If you are driving through Granby, Colorado during the after stop in and check out this neat brewery.

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