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Paperback Perils: A Princess of Mars

Title: A Princess of Mars Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs Publication Date: 2011 Publishing House: Fall River Press Despite the publication date above this is not a new book, this is just a more recent publication of an old one and the original publication date wasn’t listed. A Princess of Mars is book one of the

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Thank You Followers!

I’ve reached over 200 followers on McGee’s Travel Tales! I want to say thank you to everyone and I hope that you are enjoying all of my posts, stores and recipes. If you are a recent follower here are the categories that I post to: Travel Tales – Travel stores and adventures Weekend Wanderings –

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Paperback Perils: Werewolves of Fantasy Literature

Besides dragons, werewolves are a consistent mythical creature in fantasy literature. They are particularly prominent in the subgenre of Urban Fantasy. I particularly enjoy this subgenre because it contrasts the world of magic to that of technology. Urban Fantasy is not all I’m looking at here but it has a definite presence.   Harry Potter:

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