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Olympic Peninsula Complete Guide

Visiting Olympic National Park was amazing. The country is beautiful and more than worth a visit. I could not have asked for a more amazing honeymoon location. When you visit plan a full day in most places. They are too beautiful to rush visiting, they deserved to be fully appreciated. Respect the land and leave

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Olympic Peninsula: Hoh Rainforest

If you go to Olympic National Park and only have time for one hike I highly suggest hiking the Hoh Rainforest. It is a different world. Ancient trees, their limbs heavy with moss. A trail running next to the glacier fed Hoh River lined with giants: trees over 200 feet tall and ferns taller than

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Olympic Peninsula: Forks

Forks is a fairly small timber town located on the rainy side of the Olympic Mountains and the town gained its fame from the Twilight Saga. Fortunately or unfortunately, I’m not sure which, there is now no way to separate Forks from Twilight and this is partly because Forks has accepted it and uses Twilight

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