Olympic Peninsula: Hiking Storm King


On the trail to see Marymere Falls you pass the turn off for the Storm King trail. The trail is a little less than two miles long (1.7 miles to be exact) but it gains about 100 feet of elevation per 1/10 of a mile. Keltin and I got a good look at the start of the trail after visiting the falls and decided to hike it on our final morning.

The day dawned windy and rainy. Due to the weather we decided not to bring our nice camera and took all the photos on our phones. We had been in the Lake Crescent area of Olympic National Park several times but we hadn’t ever seen it quite like this. The clouds stayed low in the valleys giving everything a wispy look. The wind was making the trees sway a hundred feet above our heads. The groaned as the wind sang through, needles rattling. Earie and beautiful.

Wind ripples the sapphire waters of Lake Crescent

We did not see anyone else on the way up, huffing and puffing all the way. The general elevation may not be that high but the steep incline and the fact that the area we are from is a few thousand feet closer to sea level led to a tough hike. Despite our grumbling the views were more than worth a few tired muscles.

Geoff came with us on the hike!

This hike was a fantastic final hike. A challenging trail with great views. Bad weather didn’t stop us and added to the beauty. What is your favorite hiking trail? Let me know in the comments! Safe trails to you!

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