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Supporting Local Art

In my Salida post I joked about every Colorado town having an artist that paints Aspen trees. The jest was light-hearted because I love admiring the art even if I cannot afford it. However, I do support the arts when I can. I’ll get more into this in a later post but the vast majority

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Texas: You Maka Me Hot Coffee Roasters

The last things we expected to find while exploring Mineral Wells was a cute little coffee shop but that is exactly what we stumbled across. Of course on a hot day we were actually looking to see if there were any local ice cream places but You Maka Me Hot, we discovered, makes wonderful frozen

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Weekend Wanderings: A Day in Fort Worth

Keltin and I spent Saturday in Fort Worth. Our first stop was the farmers market on a beautiful bright and windy day. I did get the eggs, produce, and sourdough without being blown away but it was a near thing. With all that in the cooler we went to the massage we had scheduled because

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