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In my Salida post I joked about every Colorado town having an artist that paints Aspen trees. The jest was light-hearted because I love admiring the art even if I cannot afford it. However, I do support the arts when I can. I’ll get more into this in a later post but the vast majority of the art on my walls was purchased on various trips. Buying small pieces abroad helps the community I’m visiting but it doesn’t help at home.

I don’t necessarily mean going out and buying a picture to hang on the wall although that is an option. In our house there is a lot of functional art in the form of pottery. These are plates, serving bowls and mugs that I use on a weekly basis. Art is not just objects made by hand it is also theatre, dance, and music.

Reasons to support local art:

  • Art is beautiful and lends to creativity, both in the artist and for those that view the work.
  • Art is a language and gives voice to ideas that are bigger than words.
  • You are supporting someone’s passion and helping a neighbor instead of a big cooperation.
  • Artistic forms of expression elevate everyone.
Piece purchased from Karen Watkins.

Ways you can support local art:

  • Buy local art or order a custom piece.
  • Go to local events.
  • Take an art class offered by a local artist – these are also goon for a unique date night!
  • Support local and public art projects.
  • Read books from local authors.
  • Support vendors at local farmers markets.
  • Patron the local theatre for plays, concerts, or dance.
  • Tag local artists on social media.
  • Tell artists that you enjoy their work.
  • If you are friends with an artist, do not take advantage of their passion, support them and their creations.

The ancient ubiquitous character of art contrasts sharply with the prevalent idea that art is a luxury product of civilization, a cultural frill, a piece of social veneer.
It fits better with the conviction held by most artists, that art is the epitome of human life, the truest record of insight and feeling, and that the strongest military or economic society without art is poor in comparison with the most primitive tribe of savage painters, dancers, or idol-carvers… Art is, indeed, the spearhead of human development, social and individual.

The Cultural Importance of the Arts by Susanne K. Langer

Some of my favorite artists:


  • The Cultural Importance of the Arts by Susanne K. Langer
  • The Crucible – a nonprofit organization and art school dedicated to making the fine and industrial arts accessible for all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.
  • – expert and undiscovered voices alike dive into the heart of any topic and bring new ideas to the surface.

All art is a form of language and expression of emotion. We may not be able to understand all that we experience but we can appreciate the time, energy, and passion that local artists put into their art. How do you support art in your community? Let me know in the comments!

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