Writing Group: Poetry: XI

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This was a fun prompt. Everyone selected a book and then rolled 3 10-sided die. Based on the number from the die, we flipped to that page number and after reading either the first line or the whole page we were to continue what we thought might happen. I selected the Necronomicon by H.P. Lovecraft and rolled page 830. I got the last four lines of a poem and decided to carry on with the poem.

The lines in bold are the original poem, the rest is mine. As always, the only edits are spelling.

Old vision wake – thine opening eyes.
Gleam black with clouds of other skies
and from some demonic sight
I flee into the haunted night.

Sprinting, falling over stone
and branch, dead matter – old bone.
Blood, my life a blaze of hurt
slashes caked with dirt.

What will slay me?
Loss of my life, blood flowing free
pumped from skin by
my traitorous heart, that tries to deny

or from the demon in my wake?
Fell beast, his stride does not slake.
Calling, screaming with desire.
Desire to end me on a pyre.

For daring to summon him
craving revenge for a sin so grim.

Over all this is not my best work but I was trying to write and get a rhyme scheme done quickly and so all-in-all I’m happy with the result. What do you think of poetry? Have you ever read Lovecraft? I have not, at least not yet. Let me know in the comments! Happy reading.

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