Flowers in Ireland


We saw so many beautiful flowers in Ireland that I just had to showcase them all. We found these beautiful flowers all over the Emerald Isle.

Glenveagh Castle had some fantastic gardens that we did not have time to fully explore. The little bit of exploration we did get to do can be see in the video below. These are the types of gardens that I want to be able to grow in the future.

This sign is at Glenveagh castle, it is in both English and Irish. It tells about what needs to happen to the garden during each month of the year. During our visit in May there was someone working in the Walled Garden. At the time they would have been planting, now that it is September they will be harvesting seeds.

Causeway Coast

What are your favorite flowers? Let me know in the comments! Remember to leave no trace and safe travels.

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photos!

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7 comments on “Flowers in Ireland”

  1. Ohh, how I love seeing Ireland photos ❤️ I lived in Dublin for a few months a decade ago and hiked Bray many times. As far as I remember, there were many wild horses and lovely flowers on the way. I reminisce those moments looking at your photos 😊

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  2. I love all of these so much! But my very favorite is the gorse. They were everywhere on our last trip over. So cheerful.

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