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Geoff Visits Ireland

Yes, we brought Geoff the traveling alpaca to Ireland. This was not the first trip where he was rained on and I doubt it will be the last. Keltin and I enjoy taking a couple of minutes to get a fun picture with our fuzzy traveling companion in various places. Past Geoff Adventures:  Let me

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Flowers in Ireland

We saw so many beautiful flowers in Ireland that I just had to showcase them all. We found these beautiful flowers all over the Emerald Isle. Glenveagh Castle had some fantastic gardens that we did not have time to fully explore. The little bit of exploration we did get to do can be see in

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Ireland: Glenveagh National Park

Ireland has some beautiful national parks and we got the opportunity to visit one. Glenveagh National Park is in County Donegal in the Republic of Ireland and it is free to visit. However, the park is out of the way a bit, in a wild and beautiful part of the country. Ireland does not have

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