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Hello all! Keltin and I are currently on an adventure and I cannot wait to share all of the details with you. I’ve been keeping this trip secret but I’m super excited that it is finally here. In the mean time, here were the some of the most read posts from 2021!

#5 | Olympic Peninsula: a Ferry, a Troll, and a Chandelier

#4 | Rocky Mountains: Salida, CO

#3 | Flash Fiction: Faerie Stories

A bit of flash fiction that I didn’t realize was so popular.

#2 | Kansas: Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park

#1 | Author Interview: James Breakwell

I am always surprised by the posts that readers end up preferring. Are you surprised when reviewing the stats on your own site? Let me know in the comments. Remember to leave no trace and safe travels!

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photos!

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