Book Review: Meet Me at the Museum

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Title: Meet Me at the Museum
Author: Anne Youngson
Publication Date: 2018
Publishing House: Flatiron Books

I have a pen pal that suggested this book and I am so glad that she did because I loved it! I borrowed this book as a digital download audiobook from my local library.

Goodreads Synopsis:

When Tina Hopgood writes a letter of regret to a man she has never met, she doesn’t expect a reply.

When Anders Larsen, a lonely museum curator, answers it, neither does he.

They’re both searching for something – they just don’t know it yet.

Anders has lost his wife, along with his hopes and dreams for the future. Tina is trapped in a marriage she doesn’t remember choosing.

Slowly their correspondence blossoms as they bare their souls to each other with stories of joy, anguish and discovery. But then Tina’s letters suddenly cease, and Anders is thrown into despair.

Can their unexpected friendship survive?

This book is written in a series of letters from Tina Hopgood to Anders Larsen. Tina’s initial letter is to P. V. Glob, the man who was called to investigate the Tollund Man when he was found in a bog. Glob was a real person, in this historical fiction, Glob had passed away by the time Tina wrote him and so the curator of the Silkeborg Museum, Anders, responds to her letter. From an initial polite correspondence their relationship grows into a beautiful friendship.

Youngson’s writing wonderfully intertwines facts and fiction. These people maybe fictional but they are also so real, their experiences and emotions are ones that many people cannot empathize with. This story isn’t between young people looking for adventure in their lives, instead it is between two parents, grandparents even, who are wondering if they lived the lives they meant to live and wondering if there is still a chance to do the things they always meant to do.

The Tollund Man is a real archeological find from the Iron Age, he lived, he was sacrificed, and he was found in the 1950’s. If you want to learn more about bog people, P.V. Glob did write a book called The Bog People. Seamus Heaney also wrote a poem called: The Tollund Man.

I suggest this book for fans of romance, for fans of analog, and for those that want to see something simple and beautiful. Have you read this book? If so, what did you think? Let me know in the comments and happy reading.

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