Backroads: Road Trip Entertainment – Stop No. 7

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As exciting as road trips are there are times when things can get dull, when long stretches of empty road make us sleepy. This list should help keep you awake and ready for anything.

  • PodcastsBinge Mode, Camp Monsters, Spirits, Last Podcast on the Left
  • Music – YouTube Music, Spotify
  • Audio Books – Audible and from the local library via their app
  • Actual Books
  • Games – Alphabet Sign Games, License Plate Search, Trivia
  • Journal – Journaling is a great way to make sure all your memories are preserved.
  • Sketch Pad

Once you have figured out what entertainment you want don’t forget the following:

  • Download audio books, music, and podcasts early one when you have plenty of service or WIFI. There are many stretches of road with little to no cell service. The same advice goes for map downloads.
  • Don’t bring too much. I love reading from a physical books but they are heavy and take up a lot of space – choose wisely and remember that you can always stop by another bookshop while on the trip.
  • Don’t forget car chargers and an external battery.

What are your favorite forms of road trip entertainment?

A Canyon Full of Pictographs

Comanche National Grasslands in southeast Colorado houses Picture Canyon. To get to the canyon you have to drive over a lot of dirt roads and the country around does not look like one where you might find a canyon. Suddenly, its just there before you, as if a Great Plains mirage.

Picture Canyon is free to visit and there are several miles of hiking trails. Dogs are allowed on leash and please remember to pick up after them. This area deserves respect. The canyon was homes to Plains Indian. They may not live on the Great Plains any longer but the region still holds them in its memory. On the walls of the canyon are pictographs.

Next to the ancient art are more recent carvings done by visitors over the years. If you visit, please leave this historic canyon in better condition than you found it so that future generations can learn from the history here. Have you ever visited Picture Canyon? Let me know in the comments!

Where are we off to next?

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