Capturing in Watercolor

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Since I wrote last about picking up my watercolor brushes again I have gotten a variety of new supplies. I might have inadvertently ended up with two watercolor kits. The first is one I take with me on hikes and other trips and the other is for use at home.

Combination of paint and water soluble graphite

Travel Kit

  • My Cotman Watercolor travel half-pan kit.
  • Travel paintbrush with a water reservoir – these are the best brush for traveling, no water cup needed.
  • A notebook with 80lb paper – it is a bit light for true watercolor but I love it due to the size.
  • Water Soluble Pencils – I actually have both watercolor pencils and a water soluble graphite pencils.
  • A couple of paper towels to clean my brushes.
  • A regular pencil for drawing if need be.
  • An ever growing collection of washi tap if I want to decorate things – this is not needed just enjoyed, I mostly use it when sending letters.

All of these things – besides the notebook – fit easily in a large pencil bag and are easy to pack and carry with me.

This quick piece only uses watercolor pencils.

Home Kit

  • Watercolor paper – 130lb paper – cold press
    • 12×12 notebook – this one is new but using marking tape I can section it off and get a couple of contrasting images next to each other.
    • 6×6 notebook – this one has morphed into my technique experiment notebook so that I can just use small amounts of paper.
  • Cotman Watercolor Tubes – the tub paints allow me to use more pigment without feeling like I am going to use all the paint in my travel half-pans.
  • Paint Tray – I’m big on buying local and I got mine from a local artist that makes wonderful and useful pieces out of clay.
  • Paint Brushes – It has been a while and I can’t remember the exact type but it is made for watercolor painting with a round body that comes to a point.
  • Mason Jars for Water – I have a lot and they work well as paint water jars.
I really love how my “Blue Hole” and “Galaxy” pieces turned out!

Yes, some of the supplies does spill over from one kit to the other – especially brushes – but keeping them separate helps me keep everything organized. I didn’t realize how many pieces I had acquired until I wrote this! The bigger pieces take more time as I have to let each layer dry before adding the next. I hope you are doing well! Stay safe out there.

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