Olympic Peninsula: Big Cedar Tree


After visiting the Tidepools at Beach 4 we were headed back up U.S. 101 and noticed a sign that just said Big Cedar Tree with an indication of where to turn. We couldn’t not see this large tree and turned at the indicated place. The road was lined on either side by massive conifer trees and I was wondering as we drove, which is THE big cedar? The road is a circle and we parked at the end, looking around we saw a dirt trail heading deeper into the forest, so we followed. The trail enters into a clearing and there before us the the big cedar. It is twice as big around as any of the other trees.

I’m not sure if this tree is still thriving or even still living. There do appear to be a couple of smaller trees growing off of it farther up so it must be able to provide some type of nurturance for them.

Just look at the size of the piece that has fallen off! It’s as big as any other other trees!

These people that I manages to capture next to the fence help to illustrate just how massive this tree actually is, it really is a Big Cedar and worth the time to stop! What do you think of this massive tree? What random places do you like to stop at? Let me know in the comments? Stay safe exploring!

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Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photos!

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