Favorite Books of 2020


2020 gave me a lot of downtime to catch up on my reading. Pair that with having joined the local library and had access to all the books I could want. Here are some of my favorites.

This was a short book but it was beautiful, full of magic and faith.

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Full of darkness and love and the terrors and truth from children’s tales.

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I have really worked at reading books set in other cultures. This one is historical fiction and myths combined beautifully.

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Blood and secrets, ghosts and death. A fantastically grim urban fantasy.

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A bit of Alice in Wonderland but more heart wrenching.

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The truth of the founding fathers is never as pretty as school led us to believe.

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I hope to read many more books in 2021. What stories are your favorites? Let me know in the comments! Happy reading.

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    1. I listen to a lot of audio book on the work commute, it helps me get through them quickly but I can’t help but devour them. I love escaping into a story. I read whatever catches my eye, old books, new books, suggested books, free books. There are just so many!

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