Paperback Perils: Walk the Wild with Me

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Title: Walk the Wild with Me
Author: Rachel Atwood
Publication Date: 2019
Publishing House: Daw Books, INC.

It has been way too long since I posted a book review but I am back at it and back reading. This is a simple, magical story and it seemed to call to me.

From Goodreads:

In this new historical fantasy, a young man must use the power granted by a goddess to infiltrate the realm of Faery and save a kidnapped victim before the door is sealed once again.

Orphaned when still a toddler, Nicholas Withybeck knows no other home than Locksley Abbey outside Nottingham, England. He works in the scriptorium embellishing illuminated manuscripts with hidden faces of the Wild Folk and whimsical creatures that he sees every time he ventures into the woods and fields. His curiosity leads him into forbidden nooks and crannies both inside and outside the abbey, and he becomes adept at hiding to stay out of trouble.

I found this book idly wondering through Barnes and Noble and there was something about it that called to me. The story is a simple one even if there are many players between the Wild Folk and the faeries and the humans. Nick is the primary character, he is the one that grows and changes. However, this is not a coming of age story; Nick learns more of the world and of its possibilities but still has decisions to make.

There is magic in these words: the Green Man stepping from his tree, Will Scarlet changing from a red bird to a minstrel, Nick’s ability to escape his abbey home. Everything is naturally done, there is no flair or sparks, these are innate abilities that are as much a part of the characters as their names.

The only thing I wish was different is the length, I could have read more. Recommended for fans of magic, English folklore, Robin Hood stories, and faeries.