Olympic Peninsula: Forks


Forks is a fairly small timber town located on the rainy side of the Olympic Mountains and the town gained its fame from the Twilight Saga. Fortunately or unfortunately, I’m not sure which, there is now no way to separate Forks from Twilight and this is partly because Forks has accepted it and uses Twilight fame to their advantage.

They even have Bella’s truck.
Inside the visitor center. No, these were not the only cutouts.

There wasn’t much that we were interested in doing in Forks. We stopped by the visitor center and I giggled way too much about all the Twilight stuff. Next to the visitor center was the Timber Museum. We didn’t really have an interest in visiting but the sighs outside of it were interesting.

In much the same way as Port Angeles, we mostly just stopped for food in Forks. Once on the way back from Rialto Beach and once on the way back from hiking the Hoh Rainforest. We called in a pizza for pickup that time; it was the greasiest pizza I’ve ever eaten and it was delicious. We also stopped for coffee. The towns all have this little coffee shacks where its only drive-thru. They are everywhere in the small, quiet towns and they are delicious and perfect on cool misty days when all you want is something hot to warm you up.

I’m not 100% sure what the intended use of this tiny house is. It was in front of the timber museum and is made from the hollowed out portion of a large tree.

I enjoyed the bit of Forks that I was able to visit. Have you been to Forks? Are you a Twilight fan with a desire to go? Let me know your thoughts! Have a great weekend!

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Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photos!

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  1. I’m so glad you got to see Rialto Beach. It’s one of my favorites on the coast. To me Forks is mostly a place to stop and pick up supplies in an otherwise remote area. There’s a great general purpose store and good burger joint too!

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  2. I stayed in Forks before the Twilight hoo-ha. We had a motel room where we had to share a bathroom with the room next door! I think the person staying in that room had advanced TB. He coughed most of the night. Between that and the musty smell, we didn’t get much sleep. Sorry, Forks!

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