Hiking LBJ National Grasslands


When I was growing up my dad took my sisters and me to the National Grasslands on the weekends to ride horses. With shelter-in-place lifted we wanted to get out but still stay away from people and the grasslands are a great place to do so. It is $10 per vehicle to park at the Tadra Point Trailhead. Dogs are allowed on leash and the trails are open to hikers and those on horseback. To get to the trailhead you will be driving on gravel roads.

The trails at the grasslands are moderately difficult. There are some inclines but nothing too steep. Most of the trails are hard packed dirt but just before we saw the cattle we traveled a portion of the trail that was fairly soft sand, it was soft enough that you will sink a bit and by the time you are out the calves will probably burn.

Trail marker

The trails are well marked and color coded. We took the red trail. This is the shortest of the trails available at around 8.8 miles according to All Trails. We doubled back on part of the trail and only hiked about 5.5 miles. The longest trails at the grasslands is around 27 miles.

Love my trekking poles!

Bear had a fantastic time trying to roll in every mud puddle he could. Bear loves mud and it had rained recently. Water crossings were interesting for sure but he was happy.

We did not see a whole lot of wildlife but we did see this bird. This species acts injured to draw attention away from their nests or young birds. Their nests are on the ground and the eggs are white with gray specks – they look like rocks!

There are cattle grazing the grasslands, they shouldn’t bother you but make sure to close all gates behind you and be aware that they might wander on to the trail – especially if you have a dog that might be bothered by them.

If you are in North Texas and enjoy hiking I highly suggest the grasslands. The trailhead gets busy but honestly there are enough miles of trail that even on a busy day you will pass only a handful of people. The trailhead is large and does have picnic tables if you want to enjoy a picnic there. Happy Hiking!

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photos!

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