A Happy Bear


This actually happened last weekend but Bear was so proud of himself that I couldn’t not share. Bear and I tried out a different dog park, one without a pond. There has been some surprisingly cold weather in this part of Texas lately and the water at the park was shut off. Normally not a big deal, I carry water for him to drink. And then he found a muddy puddle….

I let him play a good while longer while I considered what to do. I have a cover on my seat but no towel and no water and that’s a LOT of thick mud. The nearest dog wash was 15 minutes away but that’s still closer than home. When we finally left I was talking to a couple and they gave me a towel to help get off the worst of the mud. Nice couple with the cute bull dogs, if you are reading this THANK YOU! That mud stank but at least there was less on him when I put him in the car.

Bear is wondering what he did to deserve a bath.

When the lady at the dog wash saw him, I got a bit of a sympathetic look but Bear was still so happy with himself. He had mud EVERYWHERE and was not happy with all the places I sprayed the water.

A CLEAN and no longer smelly Bear.

I really wish I could say this was the first time this has happened but its not. Honestly, it’s not even the second. Maybe I’ll learn eventually… What ridiculous things do your pets do? Do they like to find mud puddles? Have a great weekend!


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  1. So much fun!!

    My dog decided to jump in a muddy puddle like that when we were visiting a friend. Unfortunately our friend lived on an island, and we had to get the boat back. We don’t have dog washes here, although they sound like a great idea. We ended up going to a bar with a beer garden, ordering lunch, and borrowing a bucket of warm water so that I could towel her down and get the worst of the mud off! She didn’t understand why the mud was such a big deal, but she would never have been allowed on the boat looking like that!

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    1. Oh my gosh. Dogs are hilarious.. Dog washes are great but I typically just use the water hose in the backyard. The last time he did this there had been a storm the past two days and had knocked out some power and we were unable to buy any towels. That park didn’t have running water.


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