Johnson City, Kansas

Kansas: Introduction


Over the past few years since Keltin and I started dating I have been to Kansas a number of times. There are somethings that are true: there are a lot of cattle and a lot of wide open wheat fields that span from horizon to horizon. The towns are smaller and farther apart and it can be quite flat in places but the state is not as flat as you think.

Wagon ruts from the Santa Fe Trail still scar the land and along its path is the history of the farmer and the those that search for Manifest Destiny. Draws and small valleys open suddenly at your feet where the ground had looked flat at a distance. And the decedents of those that survived the years of the dust bowl work hard to ensure that it does not happen again.

In the past I have explored:

This flyover state has a rich, if dusty, history that is worth exploring. And I hope that you enjoy these new adventures. Safe travels!


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  1. Always assumed Kansas was dead flat and almost a dust bowl so interested to learn that it may not be. Only really know it from the Wizard of Oz unfortunately.

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    1. The state actually has a lot to offer but most of it does seem to be in the middle of nowhere but I am happy to share it with you!


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