Kansas: Flat Mountain Brewhouse

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Keltin and I visited his family in Kansas for New Years and in the time there decided to have a few adventures. One of those was stopping by Flat Mountain Brewhouse for lunch and some tasty brews.

The flight:

  • Old Chicano Mexican Lager – Nice lighter beer, golden in color. Full of flavor with mild citrus notes, smooth and our favorite.
  • Cherry Tumble-Wheat – Slightly tart with a hint of cherry and a bit of fizz.
  • Mahomes Alone – Yes, named after the KC Chief’s player. A rich and hoppy red with good staying power. This is a seasonal beer.
  • Biere de Garden City – Slightly bitter beer with a touch of spice that packs a little punch.

We also sampled the Brewdolph, a chocolate and peanut butter stout that tasted like you were drinking a Reese’s cup. This one quickly became Keltin’s new favorite brew. They also have a cider on tap and during our visit it was Cider Boys.

The food was good, we got the Sunday brunch and there was plenty of food. I’d defiantly go back – there is more beer and food to sample. Happy Friday!