Weekend Wanderings: Santa Fe Trail Tracks


On the way home from Dodge City, after exploring the Boot Hill Museum and relaxing with a beer at Dodge City Brewing we went on one more little side trip and stopped at a road side attraction. This attraction was the Santa Fe Trail Tracks. These tracks are ruts made in the earth by wagon wheels as they traveled west across the Great Plains.

The tracks are difficult to see from the ground but each time you cross a little bridge they are there below. Tracks aside the landscape is beautiful, vast, and empty. Even with the highway so near there is not much else. It is easy to imagine traveling that vastness in awe and fear at the size and openness of the land before you. Grasses of the Great Plains - Dodge City, Kansas - Santa Fe Trail Tracks

If you choose to check out the tracks please stay on the path so that weather is the only thing that erodes this piece of American History.  Be respectful of the land. If you can’t get there yourself, check out my video for a tour.

Check out this link to see the tracks on Google Earth!

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