Hiking Hickory Creek Trail


I needed a hike and searching through trusty All Trails I found the Hickory Creek Trail. This short trail is part of a larger trail system and we hiked farther than just the little loop. This is a supper easy trail on primarily flat, even ground and very little rise in elevation. The trail starts just outside the entrance of Pilot Knoll Park. It is $10 to get inside the park but the best parking is right before the gate entrance and you do not have to pay to park there.

This trail is open to hikers, runners, walkers, and horseback riders. We did not see anyone on horseback but there were a few people on the trail, especially later in the morning. There were fairly recent hoof marks in the dirt, so horses had been on it recently.

Part of the trail goes through a tunnel under FM 2499 that was built just for this trail.

I just love the green and purple of these leaves.

This was a wonderful little hike that led to a happy and worn out Bear!

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photos!


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