Organ Series Part I at the Meyerson


Since Keltin and I began going to the symphony this past year he has mentions the desire to see an organ piece performed. Well it just so happens that the Meyerson Symphony Center has an three part organ series and we saw the first last weekend.

This performance had a total of three organists playing and I did not know that an Organ could play notes that high and make sounds like chimes and tinkling bells. The deep notes that remind me of some black and white Frankenstein movie didn’t surprise me. It is odd though, to feel notes resonate that deep in your chest, to quiet literally feel the music.

This performance was in part a fund raiser to raise funds for the reconstruction of Notre Dame Cathedral after the devastating fire there earlier this year. The organ series is fun because you don’t know what will be played until you arrive at the show. If you are in Dallas I highly suggest checking out the next two in the series of the 19/20 season. They are in the spring of 2020.

We were being a bit silly.

Music is always wonderful but there is something down right magical about it in person where you are at a rock concert or a symphony. Here is to music and to magic. Have a good weekend.


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  1. Actually physically feeling music is awesome, no matter what instrument. I have to say, I’m not particularly fond of organs. Outdated church hymns, coupled with a tone deaf congregation singing their hearts out, is typically what I think about. Great post though!

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