Colorado: The Mr. Grumpy Pants Brewery


This is the brewery I had to try just for the name – and it was totally worth it. The Mr. Grumpy Pants Brewery was actually one of my favorite places, just a little brewery full of sass and good beer (with simple names).

The beer menu.
A beer and a bar.

I tried the smoked brown and Keltin sampled the stout. The picture above is the smoked brown and the stout was darker – it that’s possible. Both were wonderfully rich beers. The stout had more of a coffee flavor than the brown. We sat on the patio to enjoy them in the cool air while enjoying the sight of the mountains.

These signs are on the door as you leave.

This brewery was full of goofy and sassy signs like this and these are some of my favorite. If you like good, simple beer and you are in Ouray stop by this brewery for one heck of a good brew.


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