Colorado: Box Cañon Falls Park


One of the things suggested by our new bookshop friend in Ouray was to visit Box Cañon Falls. This beautiful canyon is a short drive up the road and the trails are fairly easy.

There were a ton of chipmunks on the trail but luckily we did not see any in the parking lot.

Keltin and I took the High Bridge Trail first. It is quite steep and starts with staircases before turning into a natural trail. The natural trail is rocky but the climb is beautiful. It leads up to bridge that spans the canyon. The view and the music of the water far below are magical.

Looking down into the canyon.

After the High Bridge Trail we wondered back down all the way to the falls. The falls are kind of hidden – similar to Zapata Falls but you don’t have to get into the river to see them.

You can see the falls near the top of them image. I just loved how clear the water is!

If you only have a limited amount of time in Ouray, I highly suggest visiting Box Canyon Falls Park for a short hike and a beautiful did into nature. Happy travels!


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