Colorado: Exploring Ouray


Keltin and I love exploring little towns. They are quirky and typically have good food and old buildings that present great opportunities for photos – Ouray was no exception. We were starving by the time we got there but it was still a bit too early for lunch so we wandered and found a bookstore. We didn’t pick up a new book but the guy was helpful in telling us some good places to eat and where to do a mini hike. More on both of those to come!

Something that we both enjoy doing is picking up a postcard and mailing it from the city so that it has the local post mark. Its easy, inexpensive and lets family know that we are thinking of them.

A running joke of mine when traveling is that you can always find an Irish pub – no matter the country or city. I’ve found one in Florence and heard about on in China; and Ouray was no exception. We didn’t go in but I had to snap a picture.

Most of the shops had touristy things but they are still always fun to look at. I would love to stay in Ouray – there is a lot of good hiking around that we didn’t get to do. Eventually we will hike Mt. Sneffels – a Colorado 14er! Have you ever been to Ouray? Happy travels!

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photo!


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  1. I need to visit Ouray. When I graduated high school in Illinois, the band that played at our graduation party was called Ouray. I didn’t know it was a town in Colorado but my BFF and I thought it was a funny name and mentioned it often. Now I live in Colorado and need to go visit.

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  2. Ouray looks a nice little town, not sure I’d go in the Irish Pub either. We’ve also seen them everywhere. Recently walked past one on the coast of the Red Sea in Egypt. Crazy huh?

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      1. I’ve ended up in one in Florence and one in San Antonio, TX. That one is on the river walk and they typically have a guy playing the piano and singing Irish drinking songs.

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