Paperback Perils: The Winter of the Witch

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Title: The Winter of the Witch
Author: Katherine Arden
Publication Date: 2019
Publishing House: Del Rey

After finishing The Girl in the Tower I could not wait to get my hands on a copy of The Winter of the Witch. I actually manager to get an audio version from the library. I loved this because the narrator actually read the Russian names correctly and I was excited to learn them.

The events of the third book in The Winternight Trilogy begin the day after the events of the second book. Those events are whirl wind, full of fear and pain and hate. As much as this book is about magic, it is also about life and bridging gaps in culture and understanding all while working to over come insurmountable seeming odds.

Vasilisa is a wonderful heroine because she goes on despite her fear and her pain. She learns how to think things through and control her own mind through her trials and through the madness that the use of magic brings. I really loved this story because there is never a dull moment. Her tale teaches you how to go on, how to survive heartbreak and come out on the other side unbroken.

I suggest this story for lovers of magic, for fans of Russian mythology, for those that have read the previous two books and for fans of fiction. If you have read this series I’d love to know you thought about it. Happy reading!