Colorado: Exploring Durango


The Durango airport is a regional one, not the smallest I’ve ever flown into but close; it was perfect for us and was closer for us as we stayed in Pagosa Springs. We didn’t have to drive several hours like we would have if flying into Denver. Durango is a neat town and the start of the narrow gauge railroad that runs up to Silverton and back. We didn’t ride the train but we did stop by the museum. It is free to explore and has lots of neat things including a really cool miniature with several trains and a tiny model of a drive-in theater. I thought it was really cool. The museum is in half of the round house that houses the train when it is not in use.

View of the round house for the train.
The miniature at the train museum!

From the museum we wandered down Main Avenue. I spent way too much time in the Old Barrel Tea Company and wishing I had a bag big enough to bring all the tea home with me. The shops are all neat, some are touristy but all are a bit unique.

I didn’t buy much by I enjoyed the signs that the businesses used to grab people’s attentions.

I loved visiting Durango and I’m glad we got to visit again at the end of our trip but more on that later. Happy travels!


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