Keltin and I have had a busy week but we still found time to squeeze in a performance by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. We always love going because the music sweeps you away. Hearing it in person, feeling the vibrations in the air, the pounding of the drums reverberation in your own chest is magical.

The concert began with a short piece called Nocturne by Michael Ipplito. It made me think of a winter twilight turning to night, a midwinter festival with snow falling and a bonfire chasing away the dark of winter night.

Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto was in three movements. I could tell where the first one stopped and the next began but I wasn’t sure about where the third began. The whole piece made me think of soaring on the wind, sometimes wild and reckless and sometime as if on a gentle breeze. Towards the end of the first movement I was reminded of a playful game of cat and mouse. The second movement begins as if spring in a meadow full of wild flowers and joyous with boundless energy.

The pianist that performed the Piano Concert No. 1 was fantastic. She was expressive and seemed to play with everything in her. We even got a short encore performance that was just as enchanting.

After intermission they preformed Rachmaninoff Symphony No. 3 is also in three movements. The first is a buoyant pieces that carries the listener along with the notes as if on a breeze. The second has notes as light as the gossamer wings of a butterfly. While the third movement was whirling ball gowns in an elegant dance.

Music is beauty given voice and I encourage everyone to take a moment to listen and feel the wonder of it.


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