Paperback Perils: The Age of Light

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Title: The Age of Light
Author: Whitney Scharer
Publication Date: 2019
Publishing House: Little, Brown and Company

The Age of Light was a choice for the February 2019 Book of the Month. Something about this book really spoke to me but my to read list is so long that I decided to skip that month and then thought about this book for the next few months. So I pick The Age of Light for my August Book of the Month.

This book is a historical fiction. Both Lee Miller and Man Ray were real people but this book is a fictional dramatization of short time of their lives. They are artists – primarily photographers – at a time when photography was more that just snapping a photo with a phone. The time and effort of developing the film along with the timing and techniques used in the dark room is fascinating.

Lee Miller was a model in New York and she moves to Paris in the 1920’s. She goes from being in front of the camera to the one behind it, perfecting her techniques by learning from Man Ray but also by experimenting on her own. Scharer’s exploration of Miller’s life also gives flashes into her time as a photojournalist during WWII; even giving a glimpse into the PTSD she suffered upon her return after the war.

I suggest this book for fans of historical fiction, fans of photography, fans of Paris in the 1920’s and those who don’t mind a book that has a variety of risque moments. Have you read this book? If so, what did you think? Happy reading!