Fall Means Football

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I’m not the biggest sports fan and I have issues with football because I swear some people treat it like a religion and let their emotions be ruled by how their team plays from week to week. That being said, I some how was talked into joining my alumni fantasy football league with Keltin and some other friends and since this is a completion I’m going to do the best that I can.

Waiting for the show to start.

Week one of ESPN’s College GameDay is in Fort Worth’s own Sundance Square and since it is so close we couldn’t miss it. If you ever go – go early, it gets packed fast. The game they are discussing is Oregon versus Auburn. There are crazy fans on all side and from a variety of other teams.

Represent West Texas A&M

There are a wide variety of great signs and here and some of my favorites:

If you ain’t first your Auburn

Kirk! I’m pregnant

More like war Smeagol

Zeke who?

Dodging Dorian… Gone duck hunting

My mom made me wear this K-State Shirt

D2 lives matter WT #gobuffs

We skipped our honeymoon for this

Quack quack mother duckers

Krusty Krab FunFair

The size of the bird does matter

Making Aggieland Great Again

I ❤️ my fiancé therefore, I tolerate football

Oregon vs Auburn – who cares? I live in Texas

Showing off the crowd.

A cacophony of a rational fans – including myself.”

– Keltin

We had a great time and College GameDay was a great way to start a vacation week! Who is your team?


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