Belize: Chocolate Boutique

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Yes, a chocolate boutique, you read that right. Visiting the Belize Chocolate Company was kind of impromptu. We were exhausted but didn’t want to waste a minute of our time on the island. Our adventure with the Belize Chocolate Company actually started two days before at Blue Water Grill. After we were stuffed instead of mints with the bill they gave us sticks of dark chocolate.

Beachfront door to the shop!

We didn’t want to try and take chocolate home with us because there was no way it wasn’t going to melt in the tropical weather so we decided to sample a piece each. Everything was coated in rich, dark chocolate mine had a white chocolate and key lime cream center, Brooke’s had peanut butter, and Emily’s was this golden honeycomb stuff. So delicious and I’m sorry I didn’t eat more or take pictures of them. I also picked up a bag of their chocolate coffee for Keltin.

I can taste the chocolate in it more than other chocolate coffee that I have had.”


The coffee is not sweet, with less coffee flavor than a mocha but enough that you can defiantly taste it. Something else that I liked about the shop was that they are ecofriendly and actively had signs out about not using single use cups and other such things.

If you are ever in San Pedro and are craving something sweet then make sure to visit the Belize Chocolate Company.


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