Barber’s Book Store


Just a few blocks from Sons of Liberty Coffee is a little used bookstore on a corner and it is a wonderful little shop with floor to ceiling books with a second story. Barber’s Book Store is supposed to be the oldest bookstore in the state of Texas.

Keltin and I loved the place the moment we walked in. The walls a cover in books just waiting to find their way back into loving hands. The store does contain a lot of history but history on any topic you could imagine.

It was beautifully cramped.”


I felt that the place was wonderfully quirky, especially in the upstairs portion. The labels on the shelves were silly but still provided the information you needed.

All in all I need more time to visit this bookshop. Also it is just a couple of blocks walk from the Fort Worth Central station where the TexRail, TRE, and Amtrak can all be caught. Happy reading!


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