Saving Turtles


On our walk this morning, with a very excited Bear, a truck pull over in front of us and set a box turtle in the grass. His passenger said “better than in the road!” I couldn’t agree more because I’ve done the same thing.

I was heading home from being out of town with my little sister along some fairly busy county roads when we came across a big water turtle in the middle on the two lanes. I pulled over and picked him up to get carry him to the side of the road and he hissed at me!

I don’t know if you have ever been hissed at by a turtle but its surprising and a bit of a wet hiss. He surprised me so much that I nearly dropped him but managed not to and placed him safely – if quickly – on the other side of the road in the direction that he had been heading.

In the long run saving one turtles life may not be huge but I like to thing that the act made things better and that it changed the world for at least that turtle.

The turtle that was saved today, he was booking it through the grass upon release.


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