Disney’s Aladdin The Musical

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So I have not seen the new live action Aladdin movie but I have seen the musical. Emily and I made it a girls night and went to see this musical at Fair Park in Dallas. Despite the normal, crazy traffic of Dallas we had a wonderful time at the show.

This version takes out all of the animals from the Disney animated movie but they are replaced with human characters. Good friends for Aladdin, ladies-in-waiting for Jasmine and a chatty little henchman in bright colors for Jafar. This does change the story a bit but not in a bad way, in fact the change is refreshing because you don’t know exactly what is going to happen. Yes, we all have a general idea but not knowing the details is nice.

The change in the details also changes the songs. The first couple were straight from the movie and it was all Emily and I could do to not sing along but others we didn’t know like Proud of Your Boy. Aladdin’s parents are gone but he still wants to make them proud.

The performance its self was beautiful. Full of bright colors and dazzling costumes. The sets were detailed and just as colorful as the costumes. We really enjoyed this performance and it is one that I would recommend for all ages.


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  1. I want to see the stage show of Aladdin more than ever. I saw the live action movie of Aladdin- that made me want to see the stage show a lot more than ever. Will not be able to see it until September if I see it this year

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