Fredericksburg Brewing Company


There are many places to stop and drink along Main Street in Fredericksburg, heck there is a one block wide but several block long stretch where you can drink as you walk along the street. Most of those places are wineries, it makes sense as we are in the heart of Texas Wine Country. But there are a couple breweries and we had to try the main one on main street: Fredericksburg Brewing Company.

Having already eaten lunch we relaxed in their beirgarten for a rather large flight.

  • Peach (Something – we didn’t get the type)
  • Carta Verde – local Texas version of a golden Mexican Lager
  • Not So Dumb Blonde Ale – light ale similar to a German style Kolsch
  • El Hefe – Hefeweizen
  • Enchanted Rock Red Ale – red-amber in color
  • Peace Pipe Pale Ale – medium bodied and hoppy with citrus hints
  • Balanced Rock Maibock – strong, fairly dark lager
  • Pioneer Porter – dark, English style ale
  • Harper Valley I.P.A. – We didn’t try this beer
We tried pretty much all the beer.

Keltin and I have visited a fairly decent number of breweries. This one had some good beer but nothing that I was over the moon about. My favorite was the Peace Pipe Pale Ale; normally I’m not a fan of pale ales and upon telling Keltin this he goes:

Are we turning into hipsters?”

No offense to the hipsters out there, I’m pretty sure we already qualify.

Back to the beer. We also both enjoyed the Pioneer Porter. Its a bit dark for a hot summer day but that doesn’t stop it being a good beer. The beirgarten itself is a big room with high wooden rafters and long wooden picnic tables with a bar near the door and a stage at the far end. They were actually using the back wall as a projector screen for a sporting event, soccer I think, while we were there.

This a a good place to sit and relax with friends on a hot day. A place to enjoy a good beer and possibly some entertainment.


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