Cookbook Review: Famous Dishes from Around the World


Title: Famous Dishes from Around the World
Publication Date: 2018
Publishing House: Moonstone Press LLC

Thank you Moonstone Press for sending me this book to review. From my Friday blog posts everyone can tell that I love to cook but reviewing a cookbook is something I haven’t done before.

This book is really neat because every word of it is presented in both English and Spanish from the title to the table of contents to the recipes themselves. The recipes in this book are not limited to either of those languages countries of origin. This book has a variety of fairly easy recipes from American to Indian, Moroccan to Swedish and a number in between.

This book is meant to help bridge gaps by bringing people of different cultures together through food. One of the dishes that I tried from this book is the Chinese Kung Pao. I picked this one in part because I already had all the ingredients at home.

On the left is the picture from the cookbook and on the right is my version. It is not quite as pretty but its a good version of expectation verses reality.

I really like this cookbook, the recipes are good and each has its own little history blurb. The recipes are not unknowns. They are well known recipes, at least by name and this book gives you the option to try them at home.

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