Paperback Perils: Captain’s Fury

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Title: Captain’s Fury
Author: Jim Butcher
Publication Date: 2007
Publishing House: Ace Books

Captain’s Fury is book four of the Codex Alera series. I also listened to this book on digital audiobook from my local library. Don’t get me wrong I love owning my own books but it does save a good bit of money to get them from the library.

This part of the story is set two years after the event of Cursor’s Fury and Captain Tavi and his legion are still fighting the Canim but Tavi is looking for a solution of peace. His does not want his men or the men of the Senatorial Legions to die under the unrealistic expectations and battle strategy of the Senate.

Tavi has to fight his way through murky politics in this book and Butcher does an excellent job of showing how the right thing is not always following the orders given or the laws. Finding peace takes work and risk. The right things are worth fighting for. Butcher also explores how having the right friends and people of the same mindset in the right places make all the difference.

I suggest this book for those that enjoy fantasy and spy novels, war and politics and world building. I would not recommend this book for the easily queasy. If you have read this series, what do you think? Happy reading.

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