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I realize that restaurant reviews are not something that I typically do on this blog but sometimes a place is just that good. One of the places that Keltin studied aboard while in college was South Korea and we have been looking for a good Korean BBQ restaurant for a while. On a coworker’s recommendation we decided to try out Gen in Carrollton, TX.

This place gets super busy, we waited for a table for the better part of an hour and when we left there were just as many people waiting for a table as when we had sat down an hour before. The food was worth it. At Korean BBQ restaurants you cook the food on a grill at your table. Many restaurants are more buffet style where you get up and get the meat you want to cook but at Gen they bring it to you. You can select up to four different meats at a time. It is all you can eat but there is a two hour time limit.

They have a whole, giant list of meat that you can order from but this being our first time eating at this restaurant we decided to go with our waiter’s suggestions. All of his suggestions were good and Keltin and I both ate WAY too much. At the table there is salad, dipping sauces, and kimchi which can all be paired with different meats. All the meals come with a side of white rice.

All in all this is a restaurant that we will visit again but with more people that way we can try a larger variety. This is not a quick meal but it is good one to sit down and enjoy with friends and family. It is a pricey meal, $25 per person, but the food is good quality, the service is quick and you won’t leave hungry.

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