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Its a new year and we are going to start 2019 off right and that means its contest time! 

I’ve been thinking about doing a contest for a while but I was never quite sure what to do. Well I have figured it out. I want hear your travel stories, or to be more precise I want to hear your favorite travel moment. That one memory that just stuck with you: good, bad, awe inspiring, heart breaking, or frightening I want hear it.


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  • Leave your story or a link (preferred) to it in the comments.
  • Your story must be travel moment no longer than 200 words.
  • Only one submission per person please.
  • All submissions must be in by January 31st, 2019.


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  1. My favorite travel moment has got to be my trip to Asia. Eight days in South Korea and eight in Tokyo. We stayed at Air B&B’s and that helped us to get immersed in the culture. Korean culture and Japanese culture are so incredibly different that I can’t possibly name all the differences, but one of them how they conduct themselves. I found the Koreans to be very outgoing and quite friendly. They’d come up to you and practice their English with them. The Japanese were friendly, sure, but they were much more reserved. What took the cake on this trip, though, was definitely the trip to the DMZ, or the border between North and South Korea. There’s literally nothing like it on Earth and it was a unique experience to see a decades old-conflict come to life.

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  2. We were traveling over two mountain passes in India, in September, what could happen?
    That morning a freak snowstorm caused everything to go wrong.
    Two of our vehicles got stuck in the snow, so we trudged over a mountain pass. We took shelter in a small room in a local house with four stranded strangers for one night. Four days later it stopped snowing, leaving 70 cm of snow. With no snow plows in sight, our hopes were dashed. By late afternoon we received amazing news. The Indian government would evacuate us. We thought the worst was behind us.

    The six of us, now friends, traveled in three scary ‘rescue’ vehicles. We stood in the back of a pickup, then in a cement truck. The worst was a ‘Goods Carrier’ whose snow-covered tarp-roof was held in place by a weak, wooden frame. With each bump, the weight of the snow cracked the frame and we screamed. The driver didn’t stop until a beam split in two. Finally, he unlocked the gate and we rushed out only to find we were 7 km from the nearest town. It was a harrowing experience, but we met friends for life.

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