Paperback Perils: Our Dark Duet

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Title: Our Dark Duet
Author: Victoria Schwab
Publication Date: 2017
Publishing House: Greenwillow Books

Some back story on my reading of this book. I borrowed it from my little sister but she is not happy with me because I haven’t given it back yet, despite having finished reading it. She always thinks I keep her books too long.

This book is the second and final book in the Monsters of Verity duology. It is set six months after the events of This Savage Song. Kate is in a different city, facing new monsters while August is in Verity and has stopped trying to pretend that he is human.

This book makes the characters decide not only who they want to be but what they want to be. Do they want to dive fully into the monsters they could be or will they work to keep their humanity.

This book also sees characters change. Adjusting from their ridged views, able to see the grays in a world once made of black and whites. Schwab is a wonderful storyteller in the ways that she expounds upon the personal conflict within the hearts of her characters.

I would suggest this book for readers that enjoy science fiction and fantasy where it combines with dystopian. For fans of monsters and music. Happy reading!

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